Staying Prepared—Just In Case

When you’re hurt, or you’re stuck in a natural disaster, or you’re facing down the end of the world, what do you do about it? 

Believe me, I’ve stayed up many a late night pondering that very same thing. When things get bad, what am I going to do about it? So, I started preparing for the worst, and I’ve got quite the stockpile for myself, between the food, shelter, and the simple knowledge of what to do when the going gets tough. 

Now, I’m passing that knowledge on to you. 

I know that life can happen fast, and you could be left reeling and having a difficult time recovering. Sometimes, that’s a personal thing. Sometimes, it’s a worldwide scope where survival is your main concern. I like to think that I balance advice for both. 

What’s the Worst that Could Happen? 

We’ve all heard this, of course . . . and when do they always say it? 

Yep, right before the worst does, in fact, happen.

Look, I know perhaps I take things a little too far. I understand why people might think that. I mean, I’ve got bunkers, I’ve got stockpiles of food, I’ve got everything I need to survive a good, long, comfy while by myself. I’ve even been skipping out on some good books, so I’ll have plenty to do. 

Of course, that wouldn’t hurt for those times when I’m down with an accident, either. Preparation for the worst means you’ll never be surprised when things hit the proverbial fan. 

Handling Things Before the Worst Happens

I’ve been focused on prepping for everything for a long, long time. See, back in school, people were talking about the end times, about a nuclear holocaust, about California sliding right into the sea, or aliens destroying the earth. Obviously, that sticks with you, when you’re a little kid with a big imagination. 

I’m older now, but that imagination has turned into real concerns. You read a whole lot of scary news headlines, and sometimes, the best way to relax is to know that at least you’re safe. 

It’s Not All World-Changing 

Of course, that doesn’t only apply to the worst-case scenario. I know a whole lot of people who are accident prone, whether they’re distracted drivers or just a little unlucky. 

I understand that being prepared in these situations is important, too. It’s important to stay hale and hearty, after all, so you’re ready when the apocalypse finally rolls around. Because of that, I like to talk about my best tips for avoiding accidents, avoiding dangerous people, and staying safe. It’s a wild world out there! 

Advice from a Minor Accident to the End Times

Sometimes, when things are looking a little scary, you need some calm, cool, and collected answers. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been hit by a bad driver, or whether the zombies are knocking on your door for a cup full of brains—you need help, and I’m here to give you a little advice. 

When you’re ready to get prepared for the worst, check out my page: I’ll cover everything, from dealing with your insurance company after a car accident to stocking your bunker with enough food to last out the century. Keep checking in for more updates and survival tips.